1. LCD display
2. Speed ​​counter
3. Battery level indicator board and remote control
4. Braking level adjustment (3 stages)
5. Adjusting the speed level (3 stages)
6. Driving function to REAR ON!
7. Safety button.


Lithium-ion package built on original Samsung cells, also produced in Poland. The package has been equipped with a special BMS plate, which maximizes the safety of use. The 11.5Ah capacity means that our electric longboard currently has one of the largest capacity on the market.

* Two years warranty + as the only producer of e-boards on the market, we give an additional guarantee of battery capacity – during the year of use, the package capacity will not fall below 70%.


Majestic Boards copyright trucks thanks to the use of technology – E-Carve – constructed from three elements; hanger, baseplate and extension; ensure high maneuverability in all conditions and easy maneuverability with an electric board at low speeds (10km / h), and without additional configuration of truck twists, they give high stability and full control when driving at high speeds (about 40km / h).

Made of lightweight, durable aluminum complemented with elements made of quality steel. They allow for the assembly of All Terrain and PU.

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5 layers of bamboo reinforced with fiberglass. Deck has been covered with 4 layers of acrylic paint, besides the depth of gloss, it affects the maintenance of the board as well as protection against moisture. A coarse grainy griptape with high quality and water resistance will provide you with high traction while riding, regardless of the angle of the longboard.

Black soft touch – Lacquer with soft-touch technology, gives the board velvet to the touch of the deck, is extremely resistant to scratches and extremely easy to clean. In addition, the use of small amounts of blacken will make after each cleaning the varnish and griptape will look like new.

**Majestic Black Soft Touch and Blue Metallic are made on special order. Contact with us on:


Extremely quiet brushless motor with a power of 1200W. It is characterized by high quality and efficiency, and it perfectly reflects heat, which translates into long life.


Suitable for introducing updates and new software. It has a USB input that will allow you to charge you the remote or phone, and the battery level indicator in the board.

Recharge the board when the battery ends unexpectedly, thanks to the regenerative braking function!


7 ” inch inflatable wheels with terrain tread embedded on the original Majestic Boards have the greatest impact on the electric longboard when driving on any surface, ensuring good grip.

* No longboard wheels, even with off-road tread, will give you this feeling and ride comfort!


Made of durable polyurethane provide high performance while driving. Thanks to the surface of Stone Ground Surface, they allow you to make slides. Two wheel sizes to choose from:

97mm – will allow you to start even up to 40km / h. In addition, the use of these larger wheels will allow better damping of vibrations and greater amortization on irregularities that appear on the road.

80mm – they will give you greater strength when climbing uphill and faster momentum at the start.

Available in 4 colors: black, blue, green, orange and white.