Become a Majestic Ambassador

Warning, this message might shock you!

We have unique opportunities for urban glide enthusiasts! Majestic is looking to expand its notoriety in Europe and offers ambassador roles in each European country. The opportunities for these attractive roles are solely at our initiative.

Are you passionate about urban sports? Are you active on social media and naturally generate engagement? Do you invest yourself with passion? Then we will notice you! Do nothing more! Yes, you heard it right!

But just to be clear, here is a precision: We will not respond to any unsolicited requests to become an Ambassador of our Majestic brand!

Instead, we carefully observe interactions and initiatives on social media and forums dedicated to our segment. If you share our passion and are active in the benevolent promotion of the Game, and even better, our brand, we will notice you. Do nothing more. Be yourself, be the majestic being you are destined to be.

Want a tip to get noticed?

Always be kind in what you write here and there. Avoid unnecessary negative reviews, be respectful to everyone, stay true to your beliefs, and above all, don't be arrogant!