Majestic Supreme

Only for Poland Market Area.

The set includes: 

  • Majestic Boards electric longboard manufactured in Poland
  • Wireless remote
  • Charger
  • Additional set of polyurethane wheels: 4 wheels, 2 drive racks, 2 drive belts, 2 motor covers, 8 bearings for wheels, 2 bearings for racks
  • A set of wrenches allowing to adjust the board and tighten all the screws
  • User guide and a wheel changing manual

Ultimate Power and Versatility

Majestic Supreme electric longboard is a model of immense power, impressive parameters and exceptional control precision and smoothness.In the 2 in 1 set you get 2 types of wheels [street (PU) and terrain (AT)] that allow you to personalize the board depending on the riding style and the type of road surface. Original design and amazing parameters place this electric longboard among the world’s top small electric vehicles. The board of huge acceleration power, great speed and range up to 70 km.PS : Version with an enlarged battery (PRO) has even greater battery capacity, which allows you to reach up to 100km on a single charge!

6 Years of Expertise and Versatility

6 years of experience in creating electric longboards and using high quality components allowed us to construct this amazing machine, ready to ride on any surface.In addition, the Supreme model has a driving mode change function, which allows adjusting the control of the board depending on the riding style and the age of the driver. The combination of high-class electronics and programming developed by our team provides intuitive and safe braking of the board, even at high speeds. Additionally, for better comfort and safety while riding, we increased the surface of the deck and the concave.

6500W Motors, 70 km/h Speed, and Top-Quality Components

6500W motors allow you to accelerate to 70 km/h and overcome rises up to 40%! Low embedding of the trucks improves ride-feeling and stability of the rider. In addition, Majestic electric longboards can have a factory programmed speed limiter, depending on the user’s preferences. Range up to 70 km on a single charge. Short charging time.Long battery life cycle. BMS battery protection system, original Sony cells, wiring and plugs used in our boards are the highest quality electronic components recommended by the specialists around the world.

Smooth Control with Powerful Motors

Despite the huge power of its motors and battery, Majestic electric longboard has an exceptionally delicate and smooth control. Using technologically advanced electronics and programming that we developed ourselves allows for intuitive and safe braking of the board even at high speeds. The option to change the ride mode on the remote allows your board to take off as gently and smoothly as a ferry leaving the port or to speed like a Maserati on a race track. Don’t believe us? Schedule a test drive!

Urban Surfing

Feel like a real urban surfer! Innovative design of the trucks provides exceptional smoothness while turning and stability at high speeds, which results in a unique ride feeling. Thanks to a wheel changing system we developed, your electric longboard can be adjusted to driving on every surface. Our original trucks allow you to install almost any type of wheels, so that when owning one Majestic board you can create many different configurations. Choose small PU wheels if you wanna glide a few centimeters above the asphalt.If you wanna explore wild forest trails - install big pumped wheels that allow you to ride off-road.

Intuitive Control and Multifunctionality

Ergonomic shape, intuitive control, great finish and multifunctionality are the features of our remote control. It displays the current speed of the rider, distance traveled, battery power and the charge level of both the board and the remote.

Polish Craftsmanship and High-Tech Finish

Exceptional and unique design - sleek line of the deck with delicate concave and hidden electronics distinguishes our boards from electric vehicles around the world.Option to choose between classic black with matte finish, unique chameleon color changing its shades or varnish that enhances the natural color of the wood.Shapes of the trucks made using CNC machines refer to the spoilers of sports cars. We use only high quality materials and components to make our boards.We combine technology with manual finishing work. We pay attention to every detail. Manual painting, polishing, soldering, twisting, programming and testing of every board before shipping makes our electric longboards unique and original. Yes! We are a Polish manufacturer!

High-Quality Longboards with Sporty Design and IP54 Protection

Our longboards are made using only high quality metal components and good species, durable wood. Placing the motors above the deck line gives the board a sporty character and protects them from mechanical damage. Board’s degree of protection IP54.