An electric skateboard is an innovative solution for individuals who value eco-friendly and convenient means of transportation. In this article, we will provide basic information regarding the operation and control of an electric skateboard.

-> Safety first! Before we proceed with the brief instructions, it is important to remember the necessity of wearing protective gear, particularly a helmet.

1. Powering on and off - to turn on the electric skateboard, press the power button located on the battery cover or the control board cover of the vehicle. The power indicator will light up, indicating that the electric board has been turned on.

Next, activate the wireless remote control by pressing the button on it. After it is turned on, the LED screen will display the battery level of both the remote control and the electric skateboard. To turn off the electric skateboard, simply press the power button again. Majestic electric skateboard remotes have an auto-shutdown feature, or the remote can also be turned off using the button.

2. Control - an electric skateboard is controlled using the remote control. To accelerate, slide the control wheel on the remote control "away from you" in the direction you want the board to move. The further you slide the control wheel, the faster the skateboard will move. The analogy is exactly the same as with cars equipped with automatic transmissions.

You can naturally slow down by releasing the acceleration button.

To shorten the braking distance and have full control over it, slide the control wheel on the remote control "towards you" - in the opposite direction of acceleration. The further you slide the control wheel, the stronger the braking will be.

Majestic electric skateboards allow for very smooth acceleration and braking. During braking, the motors additionally generate energy to recharge your battery, thereby increasing the achievable distance. But we'll talk more about that in the next post!

3. Turning - turning on an electric skateboard is done by using body balance. To turn on an electric skateboard, shift your body weight to one of the side edges of the deck. 

For right-footed riders - those with their right foot closer to the direction of travel - putting pressure on the toes will turn left, while putting pressure on the heels will turn right.

After a few rides, users of electric skateboards tend to rely more on the balance of their entire body to turn, leaning either to the right or left, rather than solely relying on foot and heel pressure.

In summary, operating and controlling an electric skateboard is very intuitive and straightforward. It only requires a little practice and caution, especially at higher speeds. An electric skateboard is a fantastic source of entertainment for individuals of all ages and skill levels when it comes to riding a board.

If you're looking for a perfect combination of functionality and style, speed and comfort, Majestic Boards' electric longboard is the ideal solution for you! With it, you can enjoy a pleasant ride in your daily commutes effortlessly and with great enjoyment.


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