Majestic Hero Pro

Découvrez nos modèles Majestic Hero PRO en deux variantes :

  • Choisissez Majestic Hero PRO (produit hors de l'UE) pour son prix,
  • Choisissez Majestic Hero PRO (produit depuis l'UE) pour ses services associés.
Initialement, ce sont les mêmes planches. L'une a été conçue pour être accessible au plus grand nombre, et l'autre pour les plus exigeants d'entre nous.

Ultimate Ride Comfort and Control

Majestic Hero PRO is a genuine revolution within the Majestic family. Its most notable feature is an exceptionally flexible deck that flawlessly cushions every road imperfection. This ensures that every ride is a comfortable and enjoyable experience.In this electric skateboard we have opted for 9-inch DoubleCarve trucks, providing unparalleled maneuverability for the board. With them, carving becomes a true pleasure, delivering unforgettable experiences and incredible joy during each descent.In the HERO's PRO electric longboard electronics, we have implemented state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee exceptionally smooth acceleration and braking. This ensures precise and intuitive control of the electric skateboard, offering maximum comfort while riding. Additionally, the high power of the motors allows for conquering even the most demanding routes, regardless of their incline or challenges.Hero PRO is an electric skateboard that takes the riding experience to a whole new level. Not only does it provide comfort, stability, and agility, but it also enables you to overcome any challenge, turning every ride into a true adventure.With the remote controller, you can select the board's speed ranging from 20 to 45 km/h.

Flexibility, Durability, and Stability

The deck is built with 9 layers of Canadian maple reinforced with fiberglass. This combination gives the board exceptional flexibility and durability. Even with the installation of small longboard wheels, the deck effectively absorbs road irregularities.The deck features a dropdown, which lowers the rider's center of gravity, making the rider feel literally glued to the road they're moving on. The dropdown allows you to secure your foot at the widest point of the deck, providing greater stability and traction under your foot during aggressive rides enabled by the electric skateboard.

Enhanced Stability and Durability for High-Speed Carving

The wide stance compensates for the exceptionally responsive trucks and provides additional stability of Hero 2 electric skateboard at high speeds.We have widened the deck at the truck mounting area to reinforce the most critical point of the board. Without any obstacles, you can put extra strain on the deck during sharp carving.

Maneuverability and High-Speed Stability

In this model of electric skateboard, we have utilized DoubleCarve trucks with a dual kingpin construction, allowing for tight turns. DoubleCarve trucks are known for their exceptional maneuverability, and the use of a longer 9-inch hanger in the new model is key to increasing the stability of your board at high speeds.The trucks are gravity cast from a durable aluminum alloy and are compatible with almost any type of bushings. However, even with hard bushings, you can still perform aggressive turns.

Off-Road Excellence with 7-Inch Pneumatic Wheels

The pneumatic off-road wheels perform exceptionally well when tackling off-road trails. It is possible to install tires ranging from 5 to 8 inches in diameter. In the Hero 2 electric longboard, we have used standard 7-inch diameter wheels.

Unmatched Comfort and Grip

The design of the 97mm SuperSoft wheels allows them to absorb vibrations and provide a level of riding comfort like never before.The standard 97mm wheels have a larger contact patch with the surface, enhancing the grip of the electric board. Their durometer rating is 83A, making them still considered as soft polyurethane wheels.

Smooth, Predictable Control with FOC and Regenerative Braking

The control board utilizing the FOC algorithm provides smooth, stepless acceleration from low to high speeds.You don't have to worry about braking at high speeds - it is also incredibly smooth and predictable.The ESC also features regenerative braking, which recovers power back to the battery and gives maximum control over the speed.

Real-Time Display and Customizable Settings

The Hero 2 remote controller features a display that shows the rider's current speed, distance traveled, battery level, and the level of charge for both the electric board and the remote itself.It is possible to adjust the settings for wheel diameter and gear ratios, ensuring accurate data regardless of the tire set used.The remote has an ergonomic shape and is very user-friendly.