Majestic ESK8

Choisissez votre cruiser Majestic ESK8 parmi ces deux configurations :

  • Un cruiser complet et assemblé prêt à rouler,
  • Une configuration à faire soi-même, à assembler à la maison. Cette version est la plus économique et vous permet de choisir votre propre deck.

Faire le bon choix!

The Ultimate Agile Electric Skateboard

Lightweight, maneuverable, compact - these are the best descriptions of our new electric skateboard, ESK8. The skateboard, in its most luxurious version, is equipped with a superbly shaped skateboard deck with a comfortable concave, meticulously crafted by a European manufacturer. Don't let the size of the skateboard deceive you; the power of this electric skateboard allows for conquering slopes with up to a 25% gradient.Choose a speed level ranging from 20 to 45 km/h. The combination of all the above features makes the ESK8 the most agile electric skateboard in the Majestic Boards family.

Polish Craftsmanship for Ultimate Maneuverability

The ESK8 deck is a true craftsmanship and masterpiece for longboarding enthusiasts. It has been manufactured by a Polish producer with artisanal precision. It allows for adjusting the position of the trucks. You can bring the trucks closer or move them apart, thereby changing the turning radius and, consequently, the ride feeling. You get to choose the carving that suits you best! The directional shape and narrow waist are designed for anyone who prefers a narrow stance and high maneuverability. Barouquette is combined with a generous concave and rocker to provide a secure foot hold and facilitate easy edge-to-edge transitions during slides or tight turns.

Unmatched Comfort and Grip for ESK8

The construction of the 97mm SuperSoft wheels ensures that they absorb vibrations and provide a level of riding comfort like never before. The standard 97mm wheels have a larger surface area in contact with the ground, which enhances the electric skateboard's grip. With a durometer rating of 83A, they still belong to the category of soft polyurethane wheels. We also haven't forgotten about the classics! The trucks are compatible with 80mm wheels, which contribute to increased acceleration and make performing slides easier. The ESK8 electric longboard is designed for riding on hardened surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, cobblestones, and park paths.

DoubleCarve Trucks for Ultimate Maneuverability and Stability

In the ESK8 electric skateboard model, we have utilized DoubleCarve trucks with a dual kingpin construction, enabling tight turns. The DoubleCarve trucks are characterized by exceptional maneuverability, and the implementation of a longer 9-inch hanger in the new model is the key to increasing your board's stability at high speeds.

Smooth Acceleration & Advanced Control with FOC Tech

The control board supporting FOC algorithm ensures incredibly smooth and stepless acceleration of your electric skateboard from low to high speeds.The ESC also features regenerative braking, which recovers power back to the battery and provides maximum speed control.The included remote controller has an LCD display that shows the current speed of the electric skateboard, distance traveled, and the battery level of both the board and the remote.Do you want to ride on roads and non-public areas at your desired speed? -> With the ESK8 electric skateboard, the speed mode can be changed using the remote controller.