The original Majestic Boards have been designed to give a sense of security even at high speeds. Thanks to them, the electric longboard can be maneuvered freely at both low and high speeds. Traditional longboard trucks available on the market are “mowing” at high speeds or too much twisted becoming too stiff to easily make turns.


After many tests and trials, thanks to advanced CNC technology and high quality aluminum, we have created innovative trucks characterized by exceptional ride-feeling, durability and precision.

The hanger on which the wheels are located has been extended to a width of 296 mm and moved forward thanks to the use of a specially designed extension. This solution made the center of gravity evenly distributed over the extended wheelbase. The board while driving is much more stable. The use of specially adapted angles in the extension allowed for exceptional ride feel and the freedom of safe driving. Thanks to the combination of the solutions for downhills and craving, using precision CNC machine tools, we have made sawmills ideal for driving on electric logos. Thanks to the use of a beseplate mounted from the top deck, the board is located below the road surface, which also makes driving more comfortable compared to ordinary sawmills.


On the market, we distinguish several types of longboard trucks adapted to the way of use. The most common types are Downhill, Carving and Slalom.

Traki first “Downhilowe” or downhill is characterized by high stiffness, so that give more stability and a sense of confidence on the board. The downside of this type of truck is the difficult steering and maneuverability of driving, for example in the city. They are not recommended for driving other than downhill.

Carving and slalom tracks are characterized by a high softness and much greater torsionality, thanks to which we can easily maneuver the board. However, due to the lack of stability, driving at high speed on this type of truck is very risky and dangerous. At high speeds, even a delicate movement causes the board to wobble and thus the lack of stability and risk of losing balance and consequent collapse. It should definitely be used only for standard longboards on which high speeds are not achieved.



Majestic Boards copyright trucks thanks to the use of | E-Carve | constructed from three elements hanger, baseplate and extension, ensure high maneuverability in all conditions and easy maneuverability of the electric board at low speeds, and without additional configurations of twisting trucks, give great stability and full control while driving at both maximal speeds .