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Andrzej Wrona

Volleyball player
Polish and World Champion, Polish representative in volleyball. Special Olympics Ambassador.

Karol Kłos

Volleyball player
Polish and World Champion, Polish representative in volleyball. 


Handball player
Polish handball player FC Barcelona Lassa.
Opinions and riders

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Opinions and riders
  • Congratulations on excellent electric boards!

    I have been a MAJESTIC PRO X user on large wheels (AT) for over half a year. This is my second electric board. The previous one was good – but yours is EXCELLENT !!!! I live in a big, jammed city (guess in which :)). I use the board most often for commuting. The bike is cool, the scooter is cool too. But the board gives MEGA experience. I like snowboarding, I swim on a wake bord. I don’t have to wait until the weekend to go to the mountains for a snowboard, or for the summer to go for a vacation.

    I take the pilot in my hand, stand on the board and ……………. I’m skiing. Every day !!!!!!!!
    The board is not the only MAJESTIC advantage. The real advantage is the people who create this company. I had the pleasure to meet a few people from their group (hello !!! I greet you warmly :). They are skateboard enthusiasts. Professionals. Focused on developing your product. If there is a problem with the board, you will not hear that sorry, but nothing can be done about it. The on-site service will again make a BOUND from your board. You have an idea for changes engine / battery / etc – you can count on support. Limit Is The Sky.

    Maciej M.

  • I fell in love with her from the first kilometer.

    Majestic Boards ver. 2 worth every zloty, the battery holds very well, I have a version with two engines and the acceleration is great, the maximum speed is satisfactory, the board is made at the highest level, I fell in love with it from the first kilometer! : D

    Piotrek H.

    I like everything!

    Maybe first about the board itself – Street Surfer II (97PU). Mega cool thing, I like everything (range, quality, speed, construction, design) except for the old remote control, fortunately the horizon is new

    And now about Majestic Boards – very cool people who believe in their products and they care about their user being satisfied. Express board service – world championship. I recommend this allegrowicz!

    Piotr F.

    I had the opportunity to meet the creators of this breath and finally ride on it. It’s GREAT !!! A piece of good work, breaths very well, is quiet and above all very stable and predictable! Many improvements and solutions that the creators of the competition missed. Awesome board! Soon they will have to give way to Majestic

  • 10/10 board

    Board 10/10: incredible fun, a teaser that can never get boring and addictive! Commutes to work, meetings or “in the guests” with the option of charging on the spot and back 🙂 Super torsional and stable at the same time, very qualitative and not too heavy. Durable and resistant to mud, rain etc. It is best for me to drive through forests and parks in the off-road option – at a speed of over 25 km it is really nice 🙂

    Jakub B.

  • If someone loves snowboarding, a longboard will be happy!

    I traveled 700 km, I use about 11 months, it serves as commuting and as entertainment. On 83 mm PU wheels on asphalt / bicycle paths – the board floats, riding is pure pleasure, especially when I have mastered the balance at full speed by riding a snake. 🙂 On AT wheels it is a pleasure to slide off the paths to the side streets, ride on compacted ground, forest and even grass. Making the board is very good, I like to hide components in the deck. The battery is great, although I do not hide that I would like more, I plan to replace it with a model with PRO + or PRO X. Contact with Majestic is very good. A big plus is that Poles do it.
    Completing the complaint without any problems (I bought the board as one of the first and the deck was damaged, they replaced for free with a new one that works as it should). 🙂 Honestly, there is nothing to stick to, at first it bothered me that the engines were at different heights but after installing new tracks this problem disappeared and everything looks perfect.
    However, the price for world standards is reasonable, if you love snowboarding, longboard you will be happy 🙂

    Piotr K.

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