About Us

About US

Majestic Boards was created by a group of young people,
wanting to combine their passion with work, which will contribute to propagation
an alternative means of transport which is the ELECTRIC LONGBOARD
About Us


As longboarders and snowboarders who know the most important aspects of pleasant skateboarding, we’ve created a proprietary electric board using our own technological and construction solutions to combine the most pleasant riding feeling with its practical application in everyday life.
We create our e-longboards in combination with technology and handmad in Poland. We personally manufacture them, and each board passes through our hands so that we can take care of every detail in their high quality finish. They are not produced serially, making them unique and exceptional to meet the expectations of a demanding rider.
We guarantee not only the quality and parameters of our electric boards, but above all satisfaction and driving pleasure!
As a Polish manufacturer, we are constantly introducing upgrades to our proprietary products that are available to each of our clients.
We strive to provide the highest quality customer service and service, including warranty.
You can meet us at various themed events and talk 😊 We invite everyone interested in our e-desks to test. We inform on social media about all events in which we participate.

Models Comparsion

Majestic SURFER

Majestic SUPREME