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Majestic Boards was created by a group of young people who want to combine their passion with work, which will contribute to the promotion of an alternative means of transport that is the ELECTRIC LONGBOARD.

About Us


As longboarders who know the most important aspects of a pleasant longboard ride, we have created the first series of electrical versions based on the ordered components.


About Us


We decided to create the next series according to our own design and original solutions that will allow us to create a product that meets the highest requirements.

About Us


Knowing all the operational aspects of the electric longboard, its advantages and disadvantages, we decided to create an improved product in 100% according to our own idea and to produce it in our country.

About Us


The construction of the first prototype lasted for 6 months. One of the biggest challenges was to create sawmills that meet our twistability requirements for longboards, which achieve high speeds and adapt them to the replacement of wheels for the off-road version.

About Us


We melted aluminum, built forms and gradually improved the prototype. Currently, we are the second company in the world to change wheels from polyurethane (PU) to terrain (All Terrain) and the first company that introduced to production their sawmills with a unique design allowing very good control over the board even at high speeds.

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Knowing from the inside out problems related to the protruding battery covers placed under the deck, we decided to put all the electronics in the deck. At the same time, we gained the waterproofness of the board, the design and, of course, we minimized the failure rate of the battery covers.

About Us


As a Polish manufacturer, we are constantly introducing upgrades to our proprietary products that are available to our existing customers. You do not need to buy a new model board to have access to almost all new products.
Our current customers have been able to improve their boards so far, including for a new LCD remote control, improved braking system, trucks made by CNC and larger 97 mm polyurethane wheels.

About Us


You do not have to buy the most expensive model of our electric longboard right away. Buying our breathtaking Street Surfer I over time, you can buy a set of off-road wheels or upgrade it to a version with two engines.

Possibilities of board transformation:
Street Surfer I → Dirt Rider I → Street Surfer II → Dirt Rider II → SETII
Street Surfer I → Street Surfer II → Dirt Rider II → SETII
Dirt Rider I → Dirt Rider II → Street Surfer II → SETII

About Us

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